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01/03/2016 08:03

In January 2016, the Volunteers of the Lviv Volunteer Center (#LVC) have started a new educational project “Masoret,” for the Youth Club “#Neurim”.
The aim of the project “Masoret»- is to help the youth of Lviv’s Jewish community to plunge into the world of the Jewish tradition and to help in the organization and conducting of the classes.
The first class was devoted to the new year, woody (Tu Bi – Shvat). For this holiday there is a custom to plant the trees.

масорет масорет2

So, as it is winter now in Lviv, the Youth Club “Neurim” decided to draw their tree, which devoted to the last year. The participants of the class have remembered all the interesting events in which they participated during the past year. The tree was decorated with fruit-symbols of fruitful work in the form of photographs and with the commentaries to them.
After the tree was drawn and decorated, the youth tried the fruit from the trees in honor of the holiday of Tu Bi-Shvat.
In addition, LVC raised funds for a tree that had already been planted near the city of Beer Sheva (Israel). Collected funds were sufficient and for the tree that volunteers will plant in spring in Lviv on the occasion of the first anniversary of the founding of the Volunteer Center.