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23/06/2018 12:25

At first we’ve studied a lot!

On March 24 in the Honorary Consulate of the State of Israel, there was held the Pre-Passover Seminar devoted to the Seder in the community due to the active participation of Lviv Volunteer Center.

Home Seders.

Starting from 2 till 6 of April, the volunteers of LVC together with the participants of the “Maturity as a blessing” project held home Seders for the Passover holiday.

We read the Haggadah, got out of slavery and spent good time together. In the course of one of the Seders, our volunteers collected money in the amount of 3000 UAH for the treatment of our friend and colleague Victor Karlov, who is from Zaporozhye.

We would like to point out that all the moderators of Seders were participants of the pre-Passover seminar.