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29/02/2016 15:32

Lviv Volunteer Centre, together with its friends, visited the Dobromyl′skii specialized orphan school. This event was a part of the LVC marathon ” Ukraine of Miracles “. To the children we came not with empty hands, we have collected and brought 50 sets of stationery units, and the most important, was an interesting cultural program. Thanks to the puppet theater “Veselyki” for the magical educational show of cheerful fairy forest creatures. Also, We would like to thank Lena Romanov for the organization of the aqua-drawings – which gave the children the smiles. We would like to thank, as well as, the unforgettable magician Victor Kocergan for creating a fabulous atmosphere.

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This event was attended by more than 115 children who learn in the Dobromil′skii orphan school. Only in Lviv region it has been plenty of orphan-schools and children’s homes, and we- the team of LVC, call you to visit more often the children and to bring them more joy and smiles!.