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01/03/2016 08:04

Interregional seminar for active volunteers in Lviv and Kryvyi Rih.
«Lviv Volunteer Center» 18-19 December had organized the Interregional seminar for active volunteers in Lviv and Kryvyi Rih.
The seminar was attended by 40 activists who for three days of communication summed up the outgoing results and shared their experiences, discussed the future plans and joint projects.
Here are highlights of the seminar the participants remembered the most: The Executive Director of the consulting company “Lo Craft” is an active participant of the “LVC”, Vito Nadashkevich presented a lecture with the topic “About philantropy and corporated social responsibility in Galicia and out of its boarders;
– The Veterinarian from the “Alpha-Vet” clinic, who cooperates with “LVC”, Oleg Poronovich, told about the features of work with the homeless animals and presented the further plans for the project ” Four Paws Friend”.
-the Coordinator of the volunteer project the adaptation Center for HPV, Elena Sheginska, held classes on teambuilding program
– The manager of the program “Bejtenu Lev” ( with which the LVC cooperates in the framework of the program “Elder Brother”) Lisa Martsenyuk held a master class with handmade.
– The Watching of the film “Pay it Forward”, was followed by a lively discussion about the culture of the volunteering;
-Walking tour and a familiarity with the Jewish past m. Zhovkva
-The Head of Lviv project Kesher spoke about the mutual cooperation between the volunteer and public organizations with the example of the joint project “It is good to be healthy”.
-The Head of “LVC” Nazar Alexander told about the peculiarities of the volunteering in Israel and discussed with the participants the possibilities of using these projects in Ukraine;
During the workshop all the participants received a boost of energy, positive emotions and the desire to help the others.

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On their way back to Lviv, in the bus, the volunteers long discussed the future plans and projects for the next year 2016.