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29/02/2016 15:24

10 November the Lviv Volunteer Center, of the occasion of the day of Hanukkah, and the international holiday of the volunteer, has gathered at The GasStation the volunteers and the friends of the Centre, with whom the center implements its projects, on festive party within the frames of the Marathon “ The Ukraine of Miracles”.

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The aim of the organizers was to thank all the volunteers, who actively and productively worked on the projects during 2015, as well as to celebrate Hanukkah. The organizers of the party have gifted to all the volunteers the souvenirs with symbols of the Volunteering Center. It is thanks to their kindness, selflessness, courage, the Volunteer Center has such significant results. The band Buharest′ and Israeli jazz musician Ronen Caliph, presented their creativity to all the guests and added drive to the volunteer party.